Getting a fence was one of the most expensive and best things we’ve ever decided on. While I wish we could have fenced in a MUCH larger portion of our 2 acres, I’m really happy with the area we got. It gives the kids the freedom to wake up and just go straight out, and the fence is high enough to seriously deter (if not completely stop) moose. Our yard is almost always a bit of disaster, but it’s a fun disaster and I try not to be bothered by all the buckets strewn everywhere. Lately the kids have started taking out milk cartons and other recyclables so it realllllly looks like there’s trash out there now haha but they have a blast with it and hey, reduce reuse right?!

The sand pit is the most played with yard feature. It goes down about 18″ so there is plenty of space for digging, and it’s big enough for them all to play in it even when they’re doing very different things. The sink does “work”, but only is able to let out a small quantity of water so they mostly use the hose and buckets when they need water for their sand/mud activities.

The giant chalkboard was something we put up just before Aurora’s 2nd birthday, and we use it for general fun/art but also for outdoor homeschooling (when mom can find chalk….)

I love these Edushape bins for indoors messy activities and each kid has one but they’re great for outside mud/water/ice/whatever too! The stand was way pricier than it should be but we get so much use out of it, but you could definitely build your own out of wood or PVC pretty easily.

They also have a playhouse, climbing dome, pool when it’s hot, buoy to swing on, slides, roller coaster, ten million buckets and shovels, a gravel pit, a rope ladder, a bucket on a pulley… and I am ALWAYS looking for more fun things. This fall/winter we have a few trees to cut down so we’re going to cut them 6′ off the ground or so and try to build a platform with ropes coming off it.

If you have any backyard things your kids love, let me know in the comments!! My husband just love that I always have a half dozen projects on the to do list 😉

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