Wild GEAR: Woom Bikes

I was never a huge biker before having kids; I liked riding my bike but I wasn’t very serious about it. But I knew I wanted my kids to ride early and often, and the freedom it gives them is nearly unmatched. We started with balance bikes (we did not start with Woom’s balance bike but with a $20 second hand one that worked just fine), and then stepped up to Woom from there. Due to circumstances with Aurora that had us out of state for Zane’s 3rd summer, he didn’t get his Woom until he was 3.5 so we got him the Woom3. Eliza started with the Woom2 and was riding with the pedals (you can take them off and use it like a balance bike) before she turned 3! The Woom bikes are incredibly lightweight and well built, when I got Zane’s bike a tuneup before our Denali trip there were lots of oohs and aahs from the staff at Backcountry Bikes.

The joy of receiving your very first Woom.

They ride in all weather. They ride on rough trails, through giant puddles…

And of course… since they’re Wildlings… they ride in the winter. On ice, on snow.. they ride until they can ride no more. Sometimes they slip, and Eliza doesn’t really ride on ice or deep snow (she is a daredevil in other ways…). But Zane does, and it works surprisingly well!

I highly recommend the Woom brand. I really like the helmets also. We’ll likely be buying Woom bikes as long as they keep making them, which I hope is a very long time. They are not cheap bikes, not by a long shot. But we use them so often.. and, well, I’m really not one for skimping on good gear. They’re worth the investment, and all three of my kids will ride each of these bikes.

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