WILD Gear: Rain Bibs

We have always used and loved Oakiwear suits for the rain, but after seeing these as suggested gear for Zane’s forest school last year we have been hooked on them! The wildlings wear exclusively wool clothing, it’s all handwash. And wool cleans up great, but I spend a LOT of time washing their muddy stuff in the sink. Since the bibs aren’t a full rainsuit but offer kneeling protection around lakes, they’re an obvious choice for a lot of the hiking we do, even in the summer since it doesn’t get too hot here (usually, let’s not talk about this past summer…). We have tried two different brands: Polarn O Pyret (Aurora’s teal ones and Zane’s forest green ones he sized up to this year), and Playshoes (Zane’s navy ones and Eliza’s pink ones). Polarn are much thicker, and therefore more durable but also warmer. They have more minimalist clips and the Playshoes clips are a chunkier standard clip. Playshoes have some snaps on the sides so you can reduce the gap, and that’s a nice feature. Both have bottom straps that you can loosen and tighten with buttons. Both work well for us, but for our cold climate we will be buying Polarn going forward. Though I can see myself having a pair of Playshoes pairs for each kid for warmer weather exploring.

The bibs also layer great with a rain coat over the top, or a Disana boiled wool jacket, or our favorite Sloomb merino cardigans.

I try to encourage bib use in our sandpit too, for their comfort and again… laundry and SAND…. oh it just gets EVERYWHERE. It’s also nice to use when the sand pit is flooded because this is the kid of puddle-swimming that really is begging for all the waterproof layers you’ve got.

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