WILD Gear: Oakiwear Suits

Oakiwear rainsuits are one of our most used pieces of gear. We started getting them back when Zane was 1.5. Back then, they constructed differently, more on that later. They’re a staple piece of gear for us and since we own them in every size we always have odd sizes in the car and even sizes in the house. The sizing is very flexible and you can easily size up because of the drawstring in the middle which you can really cinch, but since we wear them so much we invested in each size.

You will maybe hear me talk a lot about SAND. We LOVE sand, don’t get me wrong. The sandpit was one of the best things we ever put in. And the dump truck delivering 26,000 pounds of sand was up there too. Rainsuits are great when the sand is damp, when it’s spring and the sandpit is a giant puddle, or even when it’s cool and dry so sand doesn’t get evvvvverywhere.

Speaking of sand getting everywhere… sooooo good for babies even on days when there isn’t rain.. having either this on or the Disana boiled wool suit prevents a diaper full of sand. You know how fun a sandy diaper is right?

The full raingear setup for some sand pit play in the rain:

I’m still new and I don’t know why this will only display sideways here…

We have used Oakisuits in the winter, if it’s really wet snow they work well layered over a Disana Boiled Wool Bunting (another of our absolute favorites!), but they need a really good insulating layer. They also work well over down. Here Aurora has them paired with Stonz Mittens and a wool balaclava.

When we really really really want to be waterproof, we layer oakisuits under polarn o pyret rain bibs (or playshoes rain bibs). It’s an extra waterproof layer and helps keep them warmer too. The bibs are absolutely impermeable, and they also add extra durability because my kids love to crawl on trails.

The older style Oakisuits were a two-toned grey material with taped seams in the same color. The latest suits have a white interior with clear seam-taping. There are pros and cons to each iteration of the Oaki suits. While I do feel the old suits were better at being waterproof and breathable, the new suits have wider openings for boots and that’s handy because the old ones were quite narrow, and they have a brim to keep rain out of little eyes. The leg opening was huge for a lot of families we know but we put our boots on after our suits so it doesn’t really matter. The neoprene cuffs on all the suits are an awesome feature. I should qualify that I have no stats for the new ones being less waterproof/breathable besides the feel of the material and experience with it, though it’s our smaller sizes (1T, 2T, and 3T) that are in that older construction and the bigger sizes (4T, 5/6, and 6/7) are newer… so it is possible that bigger kids are just rougher on gear (well, that’s definitely true) and therefore soak through more easily.. but just feeling the fabric it it doesn’t feel as nice. The ratings of the current suits are waterproof to 8,000mm and breathability to 3,000mvp. This is still quite respectable and definitely waterproof from rain, but less so when they’re rolling around on wet tundra, in puddles, in sandboxes. In many respects it’s too much to ask of raingear, and I’ve often joked about getting the kids drysuits (and was only sort of joking…). Still, Oakiwear is the best option we have found for our kids.

Old construction vs new construction. Old is grey new is white. Newer also has a bit more of a hood brim which is a welcome addition, although I’d still make it bigger it really does help keep the rain out of the big kid’s eyes, and Aurora often asks to wear her rainhat because hers doesn’t have one.

3 layer goretex-like fabric on left (older), and new material on right
Hood brim on the left (new style)

We treat our waterproof gear with Nikwax products, as often as I feel like doing it. Which is not very often. We try to keep them clean because dirty gear means it’s less breathable, but with the mountain of laundry these little ones go through it doesn’t happen as often as it should. Still, we play hard in these and they have held up awesome!

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