WILD Indoors: Nugget Couches

Wildlings have to spend some time indoors too. Probably our favorite and most versatile indoor “toy” for indoor adventures is the Nugget Couch. We bought one, and I remember Tim thinking it was a silly thing to spend money on.. soon after he told me we needed to buy two more! They’re that awesome. They get played with every day, in very different ways. The kids are so creative with them, and use them to build forts, or runways to run down, towers to jump off of, mazes to sneak through. We also use them for quiet time areas as Zane and Eliza can each make a little fort to have their books and puzzles for quiet time. And they’re essential to a lot of the things we have up in the living room, like the hammocks and hanging bar. Eliza especially does some high-flying acrobatics and it’s crucial to make sure the ground is covered in nugget cush! Here are a few ways we use our nuggets. The possibilities are truly endless.

The traingle cushions are motorcycles in the trampoline, balancing rocks, docks, gladiator tools, used for sliding down the pikler triangle… it’s amazing how creative they can get with these simple shapes.

We like to make special holiday setups upstairs, and they usually involve the nuggets. The kids get so excited when we make forts for them. Add a few playsilks and it feels truly magical.

They’re also great for taking pictures on/with. Or as a background if your house is messy and that kind of thing bothers you.

Nuggets are great fun in the trampoline as “motorcycles” or stepping stools to push off on hammocks, or used with the Swedish Ladder as crash pads and as a running wall!

If nuggets are within your budget, don’t even hesitate. Order as many as you have kids (or space). I really like being able to have them each have one on the rare occasion that there is disagreement about what to do with them.

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