Oakiwear Snowsuit

I am a big fan of one piece snowsuits for kids. We also have the bibs/jacket option but our primary gear for all three is their one pieces.

They are so much easier for them or me to put on and take off, and cut our time gearing up at least in half. Instead of having to fish around in the car for 6 separate pieces, and figure out whose is whose, I only have to find 3. And no snow can find its way down their backs!

The Oakiwear snowsuit is a very unique design. We have been using Burton suits for the kids, and the Oaki suit is noticeably thicker and warmer. Before Zane even put it on I could tell it was going to be very toasty.

It’s made of a tacky outer material that has a grip to it, not slick/smooth like most outerwear. It seems VERY durable, and we have worn it in snow, on ice, while biking, and rolling on gravel and it has held up awesome.

Zane is almost 6 and is wearing the 6/7 size

The material is not breathable. There are a few very small vent holes, but it still gets hot. This would be awesome for my girls, who run VERY cold and move around less than Zane does. He looked very warm when wearing it sledding, but insisted that he was fine. The vent holes are small enough that they don’t compromise the suit’s waterproofness.

You can see the small vent holes, Eliza is 4 and trying out the 6/7 size

I don’t love the way the suit looks, mostly due to the large pockets in front. But it’s nice to have sizeable pockets, especially for kids who are glove-taker-offers! Eliza loved that she could go gloveless and have really warm insulated pockets. And the kids think they look awesome in the cool yellow suit.

I love the adjustability of the Oaki Rainsuits and wish something like that had been incorporated here instead of the fabric just being gathered in a static elastic on the back.

The legs are also not adjustable like our other suits or like the Oaki Rainsuits. They have a stirrup design. It fits perfectly snugly over our Baffin boots, but if your boots are bulkier you might struggle to make it fit, and if they’re slimmer you may have a gap.

It’s warm enough to lie down on a frozen lake for longer than a kid is able to lie still 😂

The hood is very small. Zane is a pretty average size for his age, and has an average sized noggin. The hood is a better fit on Aurora (she is 2.5). Zane can wear it unbuttoned just fine though, and it does fit buttoned under his chin it’s just snug, and he doesn’t like it around his neck where it’s meant to be. I do love that the hood is removable, especially given that the suit runs so warm!

I would recommend this suit for cold climates and less active pursuits. My complaints about it are relatively minor and superficial, and both Zane and Eliza love wearing it.

*This snowsuit was sent to us in exchange for our honest and unbiased review*

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