WILD Gear: Crocs Rainboots

I stumbled across these boots last year because it’s hard to find plain yellow rainboots that don’t have big heels, and I’m in love these boots.

They are one piece of material, which means boot loops won’t fall off. No matter how “reinforced” they make loop handles, they’re still loops. And with kids pulling the boots on the wrong foot, or trying to force on a sibling’s boots that are much too small… well, it’s just better to have it in one piece. Aurora was able to pull these on herself before she was even 2, which is the main reason we switched from MyMayu boots (which I also love and think have great uses, just having kids put them on themselves is not one of those uses).

Being one piece of material with no liner also means they’re ridiculously easy to dry out if wet. Dump water out, wipe with cloth. Bam, dry boots. The material they’re made of is proprietary so there is part of me that worries about what it’s really made of and whether I’d deem it toxic, but they say it isn’t and we always have wool socks in between. They don’t absorb water and are very light and fairly flexible, and while not truly minimalist footwear they’re close. Every other type of boots we have seen (including Eliza’s awesome flamingo boots) have a liner inside that will stay wet once it gets wet. If you’re saying “but Kristin, the insides won’t get wet since they’re waterproof!” you probably don’t have toddlers yet, or spend time around big puddles or lakes. They WILL go over the tops of their boots. But that’s ok, it’s part of the fun, and if they’re wearing thick wool socks they’ll stay warm even when they get soaked in icy cold Alaskan water.

I love them enough to buy 7 new pairs, in the same color, when I found a good deal, to make our collection of them 11 between the 3 kids. They retail for $34.99, but I’ve found them in the low $20s a bunch of time. Obviously I have a thing about matching so when I found every size except 13s for sale for $21, I bought those and was fine paying $34.99 for the 13s that Zane needed to size up to.

Also, when you buy every size in something like we do for rain boots and snow boots, you always have backup pairs. Because kids can easily go up a size (or sometimes even down a size) if something happens to their main pair (like you can’t find them in your disaster of a van ;)).

Baby size 6 through Big Kid size 2

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