Sunset Butte Hike: Winter Solstice

We had a really strange winter. Approaching the winter solstice and still no snow in Alaska! And brrrr was it cold that week!

Our winter solstice seasonal celebration actually happened twice. The day before the winter solstice, we took our seasonal celebration butte hike with the girls. They both wanted to try it and it was a beautiful night so we went for it.

We were slow and didn’t make it all the way, which was expected, especially since it was also 0 degrees.

Zane and I knew we would be back the following day to start earlier and spend more time at the top to hopefully catch more of the alpenglow.

On the official day of the Winter Solstice, we did the hike again just me and Zane. It was somewhere around zero degrees and we were up there for over two hours watching the light fade on the mountains and turn to pink alpenglow.

The sun set at 3:41pm on the solstice, December 21, 2019. Since we do this sunset hike four times a year and the sunset ranges from before dinner time to midnight, it really is an excellent lesson for the kids to experience.

I was snuggled under a down blanket, Zane mostly likes to keep warm by running.

We found moose tracks on the hoar frost!

Did I mention it was cold?!

Spending time hiking with this kid is one of the great joys of my life. I can’t believe I made this little person who loves to do crazy stuff like this with me.

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