Sunset Butte Hike: Summer Solstice 2019

It’s the summer solstice! The sun set at 11:42 on the Solstice, and Zane and I were there to see it from the Butte. This is part of quarterly/seasonal trips we take up the butte, and I can’t even quantify how excited I am that I made a little someone who will do crazy things like this with me. Possibly three someones! It was one of the best nights of my life.

Zane went to bed at his normal time (7:00pm), and I woke him up around 10:30pm and gave him a little special mango smoothie to help rouse him, but he was so excited he was ready to go! (Unlike waking him up to see the Northern Lights last winter… him and Eliza insisted they wanted to be woken up for it and they were NOT happy about it and asked to go right back inside).

On the way up we stopped a few times for snacks, and to watch ants and beetles! They were more active than I’d ever seen them! We always see ants on the butte but never like this.. maybe we need to do more midnight hikes!

Zane surveying his domain, a rare moment of him standing still which only lasted a few seconds
View to the Northeast from the Butte
Happy Hikers at Midnight!

Eliza wasn’t quite ready for this one yet… but she does join us on our next Seasonal Sunset Butte Hike at the Autumnal Equinox!

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